Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decadence Cafe

Decadence Cafe
584 W. 1600 N.
Orem, UT 84057

Decadence Cafe caught my eye a few months ago when I was running errands and I stashed it away to my list of places I wanted to try. It's located in a small building on 1600 N. in Orem, don't blink or you'll miss it. It's a little mock coffee shop, minus the coffee and caffeine (which is fitting for the Utah demographics).  Instead of coffee beans they use Crio, a cocoa bean based product. They have ice cream made from butter fat (heart stopping words, literally), cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts.

Girls night brought us here, and it seemed like the perfect place. We originally planned on getting dinner, but soon realized we would be having dessert first. They had a few sandwiches in the display cooler, but we went straight for the chocolate and dessert.

What We Got...

Peppermint Mocha
I was expecting more of a pepperminty flavor, but instead it was almost hidden behind the dark chocolate.  It was good, but nothing to rave about. I would have liked it to be more pepperminty, maybe with a cute candy candy to stir it with.

Caramel Apple Frappe

A cold drink that was quite good. But for me I would have enjoyed it more on a summer day. I turn to the hot drinks once fall hits the calendar.


If you like dark chocolate, this is the drink for you. I prefer dark chocolate and thought it was again, another ok drink. When I compared the peppermint mocha the minty flavor was more apparent, but still I wanted more mint.

Mini Caramel Apple

This was by far the best cupcake we had.  There was a little bit of a crumble on top that just made this cupcake stand out.  Get this cupcake!

Red Velvet  $2.50
I've had better red velvet. That's all I'm going to say.

White Chocolate Raspberry  $2.50

Another ok cupcake. 

Was amazing. The girl who took our orders was very helpful. She explained the different types of drinks, let us sample the ice cream, and gave us recommendations according to our preferences. A+

Yellow Light. It's a fun concept and I would recommend stopping in for a drink to check the place out.  Skip the desserts, there are better cupcakes out there that I would rather be eating.  

Scale Rating Descriptions
Green Light: I'll be coming through all the time, call me a regular, recommend to everyone and all, I"ll crave this place when I'm pregnant, loved it!

Yellow Light: I'll be slow to go through,  I'd go back if someone suggested it,  nothing special, not something I'm going to crave, it was ok.

Red Light: STOP! Don't go, tried it once and that's enough, warn people not to go, thinking about it brings back bad memories, didn't like it.

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  1. Hey ladies, I just came across this through a link on UrbanSpoon. We have changed our hot rated them among the best in SL and Utah counties. We would love to have you back. Our cupcakes are now made in house and we have several great varieties.

    Also, most all ice cream is made from is the amount that makes the difference. Our ice cream is super premium (like Haagen Daaz, etc.) and, as a category, has the highest butterfat content and the lowest overrun (air introduced during production) which gives it a rich and creamy texture. The intense flavors come from fresh, natural ingredients.

    At any rate, we'd love to have you back and see what you think a year later.

    Happy Holidays,

    Decadence Cafe