Wednesday, February 6, 2013

La Jolla Grove

La Jolla Grove
4801 N. University Ave Suite 610
Provo, UT 84604

If you want a fun romantic restaurant or a great place to go with the girls, come to La Jolla Grove. When you are seated, you feel like you are dining in a grove of lemon trees. I have gone here several times, and am always pleased with my meal. They use fresh ingredients and the portion sizes are smaller than the average restaurant these days, but still filling.

What We Got...
Herb Chicken Pappaedelle $13.75
Any pasta dish served with fresh homemade noodles is that much more delicious. Jen got this dish and said it was amazing.

Shrimp Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes and Spinach $14.95
The shrimp was served over angel hair pasta, my favorite, with a light citrus butter sauce. It had a wonderful blend of tomatoes and spinach. Another winner at La Jolla Gtove.

Butternut Squash Ravioli $14.25
I thought this was a nice change from regular cheese and meat ravioli.  The butternut flavor was great. On top was a thin slice of apple, for a touch of well thought detail. The dish was delicious, served with a savory pumpkin cream with carrots and potatoes.

The service was ok. A bit slow. When I mean slow, I refer to the waiter in being slow to get us rolls, fill drinks, and bring our check. We got our food in normal time, but we were at the restaurant for a while because of the other factors. It was fine because we weren't pushed for time, and it was fun to chat and catch up with friends both times.

Green light restaurant. I've gone back several times as each time I can't wait to come back and try something new. Also each time, my plate is scraped clean. Not a drop left.

Side note: They just opened a location in Salt Lake downtown at the gateway.

Scale Rating Descriptions
Green Light: I'll be coming through all the time, call me a regular, recommend to everyone and all, I'll crave this place when I'm pregnant, loved it!

Yellow Light: I'll be slow to go through,  I'd go back if someone suggested it,  nothing special, not something I'm going to crave, it was ok.

Red Light: STOP! Don't go, tried it once and that's enough, warn people not to go, thinking about it brings back bad memories, didn't like it.

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