Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crepe Co.

Crepe Co.
1364 N. Freedom Blvd
Provo, UT 84604

Crepe Co. was formally known as ME Crepe. Management changed and I'm guessing that's why the name did too. It's funny that I went here and then Jen posted a recipe for perfect Valentine crepes earlier this week. If you aren't feeling up to cooking crepes check out Crepe Co.

What we got...

Turkey Bacon Ranch ($5.49)- The name says it all. Thin slices of turkey with bacon, and ranch. My only compliant is the type of turkey used. I think they used the lunch meat turkey, you know the kind that requires at least 6 slices for it to even count as protein. But I can't complain because it was filling.

The French Kiss ($4.49)- Oo-La-La, get this crepe!!! It was good. We were able get what ever add-ins we wanted at no extra cost. That's one thing I really liked about Crepe Co. We got ours with strawberries, Nutella, Oreos, cookie dough, and their crepe sauce. Oh man, was it good!!! I especially liked that the Oreo pieces were BIG chunks, not just fine crumbs. I will crave this, it was so good.

The girl running the show was extremely friendly. She was a one man band handling the register, making the crepes, and cleaning up. If the owner is reading this, she deserves a raise. She gave us suggestions and made sure we were happy with our food. As people were leaving she made sure to give a friendly shout out for coming in.

Yellow Light. I give it a yellow light because the savory crepe wasn't anything special.  If I had only gotten a dessert crepe, it would be a green light.  When you go be SURE to get a dessert crepe because that was a GREEN light all the way!

When I try Jen's crepe recipe I am going to add chunks of Oreo, just like my crepe at the Crepe Co.

Scale Rating Descriptions
Green Light: I'll be coming through all the time, call me a regular, recommend to everyone and all, I"ll crave this place when I'm pregnant, loved it!

Yellow Light: I'll be slow to go through,  I'd go back if someone suggested it,  nothing special, not something I'm going to crave, it was ok.

Red Light: STOP! Don't go, tried it once and that's enough, warn people not to go, thinking about it brings back bad memories, didn't like it.

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